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The Full Story

Cassie was a totally unassuming, caring person who at an early age identified that she wanted to assist students in their education journeys.  It didn’t matter to her what background you had, whether you were rich or poor, an A student or struggle to get passing grades, or what subject you liked, she was always there to help, she was there to talk with and listen to their ideas.  She would assist fellow students all the time, even if it meant her studies would have to wait.  As she was progressing through high school, she knew that she wanted to be an educator and identified specializing in History.  She visited many local colleges and universities, but the minute she stepped on the campus at Salem State University (SSU), she knew she had found home.  She was accepted into the honors program and was thriving not only in class work, but within the SSU community and with the facility there.  She made the decision to pursue her Master’s degree with a target of a Ph.D. in History.  When she was stricken with lymphoma, she would comment that it was just a speed bump and she overcome.  Ultimately, the lymphoma was just too much for her body to fight and she passed in late 2020.  This scholarship fund was started as a way for Cassie to persevere and continue CASSIE'S PASSION FOR EDUCATION.


It is the mission of this charity to raise funds through donations to provide scholarship funds to History or Education students at Salem State University.


It is the vision of Cassie that everyone have the opportunity to an education and through this charity CASSIE’S PASSION FOR EDUCATION is in full focus.

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