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The Cassie Pearson Memorial Scholarship Fund, a 501c3 Charitable Organization was started in memory of our daughter Cassandra Pearson.  Cassie as she was known to many, was in her last semester of her Undergraduate Degree in History at Salem State University when she was diagnosed with NK T Cell Lymphoma.  She had to step away from completing her studies to begin immediate treatment in February 2020.  As she began her treatment COVID-19 started and her treatments were done alone.  She was an absolute rockstar as her oncology team called her, never complaining, always putting a smile on to get through it.  Ultimately she lost her battle in October 2020.  Shortly after Beans' (as her mother and I called her) passing, her mother and I as well as her sister Tori decided that Cassie's passion for education had to live on.  

We have created this chartable organization to raise donations so that scholarship funds may be given out to future to like minded, passionate students at Salem State University.  We have partnered with Salem State and awarded the very first Cassie Pearson Memorial Scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year.

We hope that you would consider a donation to continue Cassie's Passion to educate.

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