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Paint night success

Well, it's been a bit of a recovery for Rebecca and I. Starting with the second anniversary of Cassie's passing on October 8th and culminating with a terrific paint night, which doubled as celebration of her life, on the 12th.

Rebecca, Tori, Destiny, myself and many other family and friends of Cassie cannot thank each and every one of you that participated for this event enough. Whether painting, creating/donating raffle items, enjoying a beer or just coming in to say hello, each and everyone of you made the night a tremendous success. We raised just over $3,000 for the scholarship fund and have decided to award 2 $500 scholarship at Taunton High School this spring. Speaking of scholarships, for those of you who may be new to the site or missed the announcement, in August we signed the paperwork and transferred the funds to Salem State to create the Cassie Pearson Class of '21 permanent endowment. This was a huge undertaking to raise enough funds to be able to memorialize Cassie and her passion for education. Thank you to each and everyone of you for being a part of it.

Now some time for individual appreciation, in no particular order: Create With Kath for a terrific time directing the painting, outstanding job, I saw a lot of the paintings and everyone looked awesome. Also The Freeze Pops for providing some great tunes, Kevin and Tom, appreciate the time entertaining our guests. And finally to Glen and Julie as well as the entire staff at Berkley Beer Company for having such a great place and the hard working staff making the night go off seamlessly. To all the people that donated raffle items (Sorry, I know I will forget many of you so I will leave it as you know who you are), you made the night much better. Seriously, everyone that was involved in some way shape or form, it is because of you that we get to keep the memory and passion of Cassie alive.

A couple of future housekeeping items. First a quick behind the scene story. Rebecca and I thought that this would be a one and done, but we are happy to say that based on the response of you folks and the success, there will be a second annual next year, probably around the very same date, we will get a save the date out shortly.

Speaking of save the dates, our next fundraising event will be the Second Annual golf outing at Pawtucket Country Club on May 22 (Monday before memorial day) with planning on going. Again we will have options for golfing and luncheon or just luncheon for the non-golfers. We hope to be as successful as we were this year.

Thank you all once again for joining us in some way shape and/or form and helping us make this a successful evening, help us support Cassie's mission of education and more importantly supporting us with the loss of our daughter.

PS, apparently, there was one of you who could not follow instructions and had to be unique and special.....Cassie is looking down on you with a big old smile as she never liked being part of the masses but loved being unique and special!

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